Company Profile

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 (Beijing Guishi Information Technology Limited) is a professional business intelligence services provider in China’s mobile internet market. We offer the market a line of data services that include standard databases – TRUTH, cross-platform traffic tracking services – Fullview, user growth solutions – GROWTH and bespoke datamining, research and consulting services.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口’s non-private and aggregated data derived from its proprietary sample pool enables our clients to better understand the market trend and competition and to discover market opportunities at early stages and to spot high potential investment targets. We also provide user profile data to help clients to improve operation efficiency.

After years of endeavor, 乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口’s data and research have become a must-have for big internet companies and top notch investment firms. Same data and research are sought to by media outlets such as CCTV, China Daily, WSJ, FT and Economics when they try to describe to the world the achievements of China’s mobile internet market.

Company Milestones

Launched TRUTH Mini program

Launched TRUTH Mini program.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 TRUTH Mini Program is a database that provides user usage data of all the mainstream mini programs available in the market. Metrics available include number of monthly active users, daily active users etc. It would also be available for competition analysis etc. TRUTH Mini Program is a cutting-edge tool that helps market participants to discover new opportunities.


Launched TRUTH Dark horse list

Launched TRUTH Dark horse list.

TRUTH Dark Horse List scans the whole market for fast growing sectors and rising Apps. It is a unique tool that could help investors to find high potential investment opportunities at early stages.


Founded QuestMobile Research Institute

Founded 乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 Research Institute.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 Research Institute leverages the firm’s vast data capabilities and years of know-how in the market and offers actionable research and consulting services to clients.


Launched TRUTH Marketing version

Launched TRUTH Marketing version.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 TRUTH Marketing version offers more than 1,000 metrics of user profile data. It helps with user analysis and marketing endeavors and helps advertisers find the audiences that most fit.




乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 GROWTH solutions leverage users’ behavioral data across different platforms. This service helps with the improvements of user experience, marketing efficiency and marketing ROI.


Launched TRUTH Channel version

Launched TRUTH Channel version.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 TRUTH Channel version compares and evaluates efficiency of more than 30 App distribution channels. Gives clients a tool to optimized operation and marketing efficiency.


Launched TRUTH Flash version

Launched TRUTH Flash version.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 TRUTH Flash version afforded the market the chance to track actual day to day data of more than 30,000 Apps.


Become a member on user analysis project of Beijing Winter Olympics

Become a member on user analysis project of Beijing Winter Olympics.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 offered its data and research capabilities to help improve Winter Olympics user satisfaction and operation efficiency.


Become a member of Beijing Analytics Council

Become a member of Beijing Analytics Council.

Beijing Analytics Council was founded by Beijing Bureau of Analytics, RUC, CUBT. 乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 was invited to be a council member.


Co-founded China mobile internet big data lab with Renmin University of China

Co-founded China mobile internet big data lab with Renmin University of China.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 combined its proprietary understanding of the market with RUC’s academic endeavors in analytics to study china’s mobile internet market.


Become a member of China Information Association

Become a member of China Information Association.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 was invited as an expert organization by China Information Association to co-found the Internet+City Administrtion research group, to offer research and data analytics services.


Launched QuestMobile TRUTH Professional database, the first full-dimension mobile internet operation analysis databases in China

Launched 乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 TRUTH Professional database, the first full-dimension mobile internet operation analysis databases in China.

乐投_letou乐投_乐投官网网入口 was the first to introduce the concept of mixed-data source to the market. Over 160 data metrics that are available on both iOS and Android platforms help clients see more clearly of the market and competition.